Month: July 2018

a collection of data counter to the war on drugs narrative

The First Step Isn’t What You Think It Is

How often have you heard this, “The first step is admitting you have a problem”? This sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to begin the process of addressing a problem, and it is probably understood by the majority of people who hear it, and/or repeat it, to be the first of the famous 12 Steps…
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Let’s Explore The Alleged Placebo Effect

The concept of the Placebo Effect is very much ingrained in our culture. I remember years ago watching an episode of M*A*S*H that included successful use of placebos (especially interesting since “The Powerful Placebo” was published in JAMA in 1955, meaning these Army doctors must have been much ahead of their time, since the Korean…
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“No Accepted Medicinal Use” Marijuana-based drug approved by FDA

June 26, 2018 The Federal Drug Administration granted approval for the CBD-containing drug Epidlolex to treat seizures. It would be nice if marijuana was moved off “Schedule 1” to make it easier to test other uses of other active ingredients of marijuana.