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Opiates? Not much of a weapon

I intend for this post to contain some stories that will be more entertaining and somewhat less data-driven than some of the other text I will be posting. So let’s start with researching murderers who used opiates as their weapon. I was surprised to discover ¬†only three court cases in the US and the UK.…
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How Harmful? Let’s Compare!

Currently, the US conversation about opiates centers on the reported increases in recent years in the numbers of deaths of opiate users. Unfortunately, there is not sufficient comparable data to determine whether the deaths can be accurately attributed to opiates, so there’s no way to know if deaths of opiate users are going up, going…
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Red Pill on Opiate Deaths

According to the US federal government and the media we are in the Midst of an Opiate Death Epidemic – overdose deaths surpassing deaths from auto crashes. That would be 40,755 reported overdose deaths (all drug overdoses reported not just opiates) in 2014, versus 35,398 car crash deaths in 2014 in a population of 317,000,000.…
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The Journey Begins

Today is the launch of truth 0r DARE. This site is intended as a repository of facts, sources, questions, and musings that counter the narratives that are pushed in our society in support of the War on Drugs. I currently have a collection of information that I hope to make available to interested parties via…
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US Gov Agencies on Drugs (for all/large part of their work)

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair This blog dedicated to questions, facts and links to sources to act as a counterweight to a century+ of drug prohibition, and the propaganda and misinformation generated by the American government. Let’s start with…
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